Announcing SubLight!

About six months ago I started working on a game I’ve been stewing around in my head for at least 6 years…. a game called SubLight.

What is SubLight?

SubLight is a single player, story driven, society survival game in a procedurally generated galaxy. It has roots in hard science fiction, but with approachable gameplay.

The Story

Earth is gone, destroyed in a massive calamity. The wake of its destruction is expanding outwards, towards your interstellar ark. You’re survivors, refugees without a destination. Your only chance for survival is to run, from one star system to another. The catch…

Relativity Bites Back

Humanity’s dreams of darting across the universe in faster-than-light vessels has been dashed, by centuries of fruitless research into breaking the light barrier. Instead, we plot our course slowly, through the grim black reaches of interstellar space. Generations of people live and die on interstellar arks before reaching the next star system. For many, the small confines of their ark is the only world they’ll ever know.

When is it Released?

A release date is yet to be announced! If you’re interested in hearing about SubLight’s release, sign up for alerts here. I promise not to spam your inbox and will only alert you to when the game is available for purchase!

What Platforms?

Windows and Mac OS. Sorry Linux users, I’d love to support you if I can in the future!

What’s the Roadmap?

I have a pretty clear picture of what an initial alpha release for SubLight would look like, and will share that before the game is ready for pre-purchase or sale.

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