Keeping Track of Where You’ve Been

I spent this week responding to feedback from the previous build. The biggest change is the removal of the transit lockout. As cool as it was, and as hard as it was to say goodbye to it, I believe cutting it was the right choice. It broke up the flow of gameplay far too much. Instead I’ve added a more subtle red ring that spins as you travel.

I also added lines to show where you’ve already traveled. It’s a small thing, but I think it already adds a lot of useful context to the navigation area.

A video of the transit history in action.

New options have been added to the preferences menu, including a way to increase the size of interface elements. This will be particularly useful for folks with 1920×1080 monitors, which are particularly common but didn’t show conversation text clearly.

In addition to all this I spent time combing through and fixing a lot of little bugs and off-by-one-frame issues. I really dislike seeing weird popping or other graphical glitches in games, it shows a certain lack of polish.

Next week will be spent adding in the initial encounters for the main story, as well as a new resource: metallics. Metallics will be used for repairing your ship, though likely not until a future update. If I have time I’d like to add the ability to turn on a resource map, that lets you see what are good systems to pick up resources at.

That’s all for now!

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