Try Out SubLight

I’ve put together a build of SubLight this week! It’s very rudimentary, but it shows off the basic systems in the game.

I pulled a Hitchcock and introduce the game myself during the initial encounter, proving the speed of light is an impassible boundary, but the 4th wall is not.

This will be replaced with a more appropriate introduction tutorial when I have time to write one.

The temporary interfaces show important stats required to play, these will obviously be replaced once gameplay is cemented.

The temporary interfaces are visible at the top of the screenshot

Right now the goal is to travel to Cygnus X-1, a black hole several thousand lightyears away. You can adjust your velocity and your rationing, as well as plot your course among systems. Your population will increase or decrease based on the rationing you choose — make sure you have enough to operate the ship, but not too many to overtax your life support!

I haven’t played with the difficulty too much, and would love feedback on it. This is what it looks like when you reach Cygnus X-1

I also added some additional options to the Main Menu, including links to SubLight’s blog, twitter, and discord. Feel free to join the discord and let me know your feedback, or submit it here.

For fun, here’s a picture of what happens when I bugged out the game by setting the ark’s velocity past the speed of light. Note: I don’t plan to have faster than light travel in SubLight, that goes against the name of the game!

You’ll notice the velocity is “NaN”, or “Not a Number”, an appropriate value for faster than light travel! The ships chronometer also rolled around to the minimum value for a 64 bit integer.

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